Gaining Professionalism As A College Student


As a Broadcast Journalism student at Western Carolina University working towards my degree, I find my time incredibly valuable. That is why I put forth so much effort to improve my professional development. I spend countless hours a week working on various projects that I can in turn add to my portfolio. Between working with the Radio Television Digital News Association chapter on campus and volunteering at the on campus radio station, I also manage to work with fellow classmates to develop video content and packages. All of these opportunities have helped me to reach the level I am at today.

One of the best advantages I have taken a part of within my campus has been co-founding the Radio Television Digital News Association chapter at Western. Within this organization I hold the chair of Vice President. As a group, we work to create opportunities for students to engage within the broadcast field. We fundraise so that we can travel to conferences and make connections with possible future employers and learn new skills to add to our resumes. Our RTDNA chapter also partners with the Society of Professional Journalists on campus to put together workshops to benefit our members and interested students.

I am a volunteer at WWCU-FM Power 90.5. I co-host a variety show every week live on-air. Apart from co-hosting, I also co-produce the show and run the social media aspects. As a producer, I work to organize the show along with all of its segments and stories. I put in hours of work to gather information relevant to the show and go out in the field to record interviews for the live showing. When it comes time for the show to run I find that volunteering at the station is improving my professionalism. Even though I do not plan on perusing a career in radio, having the chance to speak to a mass number of people has greatly helped me. I find that I have overtime become a better public speaker because of these positions.

To take full advantage of the resources provided to me on campus, I have taken several extra classes within my major. These classes have helped me learn techniques that will help me in my career and resulted in projects suitable for my portfolio. I am currently taking a Television Production 2 class in which I have been assigned to a small group. We come together and throw around ideas we feel would make for a good package. As a team, we collaborate on the overall production of each piece. So far we have covered a news story on student media, created a radio station promo, and are in the works of putting together a podcast. Within this setting I have learned various skills that I feel will be beneficial later on in my profession.

At then end of the day I put in all of this time to ensure a good internship that will hopefully lead to an incredible job. I have several options that I am currently looking at and plan to apply for shortly. With any luck the resume and portfolio that I have built over the past few years at Western will earn me the type of internship I have been dreaming of. The point is that gaining professional experience is not out of reach for the typical college student. You just have to not be afraid to get out there and get to work.


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