Covering The Paris Attacks Live


As a student who’s major is based around media I have dreamed of the day that I would actually be able to cover a major event that affects the world live. Little did I know that that first moment would come in my junior year of college on radio nonetheless. Now in my head the event would be ground breaking, but I never pictured it to be as devastating as the attacks I covered.


I had the opportunity to cover the Paris attacks on November 13, 2015 live on the radio during our show. During the time slot that our show runs on was when the attacks began and the hostage situation ran its course. We were able to give our listeners updates the moment we learned new information.


The last thing we wanted was to spread hysteria among our community so we made sure to maintain our composure while speaking on the topic. We all refrained from including any of our personal beliefs or thoughts on the issue at hand. The plan was to keep the information as formal as possible and simply give the facts we knew to be true.


Our main goal was to ensure that the community around us was aware of what was happening, no matter how far away. In order to do, this we made sure that the information we would be relaying on air was accurate and from credited sources. Every few seconds we would refresh the news sites for updates and then feed it back to our audience on air.


The biggest benefit we had during this time was the station TV set. The small TV is always set to the news and kept on silent as to not interrupt broadcasts. Had it not of been for the flashing alert that popped up on the screen from CNN to catch our attention we may not have been able to jump on the story as soon as we had. With the news turned on in the background while we search the Internet for updates we were able to keep up with every aspect of the event in real time.


Knowing where to look for the type of information we needed was a huge help in our search for details. We are all considerably tech savvy and were able to easily sift through update after update to find what we needed most. Without this skill set we would have been lost and lagging behind the latest news leaving our listeners in the dark.


I had always envisioned that I would be on site where the action was taking place covering every moment of tragic event such as this as it happened and truly witnessing the power of it all. What I didn’t realize was the affect an event this huge could have on people countries apart. American based news feeds began to spread like wildfire reaching out all over the country. Before we knew it posts asking for prayers and notifying every one of the current events were everywhere. This moment in time showed just how powerful our world of media has become and brought us closer together as a community.


Overall I am grateful that I was able to have a part in a moment in history such as this, but am extremely saddened that it happened in the first place. This occurrence has certainly intensified my drive towards cover more major events in the future. I hope to be able to lend a helping hand to those who need it most and bring the story that needs to be told to those who are out there listening.


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