Life After Graduation…

Life after graduation. That is such an interesting thought. I have spent my whole life up until this point trying to get here but have never really taken the time to think about what it would really be like.

The first step was applying to colleges and making sure I graduated from high school. Then came moving away from home for the first time and starting the wild ride that is college. From there it was a constant battle of staying on top of everything in my life to ensure that I would one day graduate from college and still have my sanity.

All of that took precedence over what was coming next, the real world.

I have been inside the college bubble for almost four years now and have been longing to get out as soon as possible. But now that the time is almost here, I find that I’m really nervous. Even thinking about it makes me anxious.

I’ve lived in two different apartments over the past two years and have had to move myself both times. I make sure that I pay rent on time each month, have money for groceries, and have enough left over in case of an emergency. I feel like I am a relatively responsible person, but I still know that that doesn’t mean I’m completely ready for what’s to come.

The fact remains, no matter what I do the day is coming where I am going to enter the real world, and I want it to be a graceful entrance.

So what am I doing to prepare for this you might ask? Well besides having minor freak outs when everything doesn’t go according to plan, I’ve been winging it.

I want to be a producer and an editor, maybe even write and direct one day. I have been studying in school to be exactly that and have been fortunate enough to have opportunities that have gotten me closer to those goals. I just have to get my foot in the door to get there. My first step was figuring out where I would have to be to do all of this. So what better place to be than LA or NYC?

The current plan is to find a way to move to one of these wonderful places and start my career there. I’m thinking that I will most likely be starting off as a production assistant or assistant editor for the majority of my first jobs. This is all fine with me. I want to be able to prove myself and I think the best way to do that is to show the people you’re working for that you can handle anything they throw at you. I’m ready for the challenge.

As scary as the real world may sound, and as sad as I will be to leave the friends and memories I’ve made in college, I am ready for my next big adventure in whatever city will have me.

Entertainment industry here I come!


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