Travel the world or start my career?

When I first caught the travel bug that was all I wanted to do all of the time. So naturally the idea of catching the first plane out of the country to somewhere new and exciting after finishing college crossed my mind.

The plan was to finish school and then choose a country. I was going to buy a one way ticket to where ever I decided was going to be my new home and live and work there until I had seen it all and had saved up enough money to go to the next place on the list.

I had stayed in hostels before and had met people who were doing something similar. During the day they would work at the hostel so that they had a free place to stay, and when they weren’t working there they did odd end jobs to save money.

My goal was to get a bar tending license and learn how to be the best I could be to ensure that I would get hired no matter where I was in the world. This way I could explore the area during the day when not working at the hostel, and bar tend events at night. The perfect plan!

That is until I came to the conclusion that I want to be in the entertainment industry now, not later. As much as I love traveling and all of the experiences that come along with it, I’m ready to jump into my career with full force.

Now this isn’t to say that some where down the road I won’t end up doing this, but for now I’m holding on to the hope that I might be lucky enough to land a job that includes traveling the world.

A girl can dream!


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