The last 10 days of college

The time has finally come and I am in the home stretch. I have been waiting for this moment for four years. I am finally about to graduate from college.

It has been a long and challenging journey, but it’s almost over. Up until this point I have been struggling to push myself to this moment and at some times never thought it would actually come. But here I am finishing up assignments, editing my last videos, and rounding up my final projects. In no time at all it will all be over.

Until then, I have a lot that needs to get done. As great as it is to think about the next phase of my life, I’m still here refusing to quit.

Between now and the end of the semester I have four presentations, five videos to edit, two shoots, and a written final exam. As stressful as this makes me, especially because I know there’s about a 99% chance that I’m missing something, I have to stay positive.

I have gone through so many all nighters already, what are a couple more? I’m choosing to look at all of this work as the last chance I have to experience these parts of college. Might as well grin and bare it and take a deep breath. At some point in time I’ll miss the time when this was the most stress I was under.

The way I see it there are two ways this semester can play out: as a strong finish or as a crash and burn. I will not let it be the latter. I am going to prove to those that doubted me that I was made to thrive and will surpass all expectations.

So until then, I’m going to keep up the same mantra, “I am going to graduate!”


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